Viral Marketing Tactics


By Paula M Burke

For companies looking to energize their brand awareness a holistic and refreshing approach to simple and unique content plays out in viral video marketing. Viral marketing is the rapid sharing of an idea that contains a marketing message about buying a product or service (Yeoman, 2014).

For many businesses out there, 5 million dollars an ad space on Superbowl Sunday is pretty cost prohibitive. What viral marketing does for organizations is reduce the cost of advertising as YouTube videos are available 24/7. As marketers we have to design a high quality relevant content campaign that can reach the lion-share of consumers looking for competitive products and services. Here is the bottomline, consumers will adopt viral marketing as more trustworthy as they enjoy the connections to family and friends and tweeting is easy to do and readily accessible.

What are the top five tactics to create an engaging viral campaign great?

  • Keep the content creative, simplistic and design driven with keywords.
  • Empower people to cultivate brand promise.
  • Motivate through emotion that leads to a path of virality (Hardwick, 2015).
  • Promote your brand through social sharing widgets and hashtags.
  • Sustain and share your content through coverage harnessing Pinterest social pin buttons posting quality images of the product or service.

Fotolia_68000511_XS.jpgTo support the memorable YouTube videos, social media sharing through Twitter hashtagging is a win-win for Amazon and other brands. Consumers crave searchable options that are highly social. It is a big world out there, the average viewership audience for Super Bowl 50 arrived in at 111.9 million ranking in third place for all time high history (Palotta & Stelter, 2016). Viral marketing continues to make us laugh, make us share, share, share and most of all,  inspire us to buy the brand.


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