Evian  and Fiji  

Social Media & Real-Time Marketing Strategies

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According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation packaged water will continue to be a high demand product preference for consumers (BevNet.com, 2015). Evian and Fiji luxury water brands are in a push to raise up their social media marketing engagement. They each strive to package their waters with environmentally friendly bottles and give back to their respective foundations. What about brand engagement for both companies? What company is socially engaging with customers through real-time marketing with high accolades for brand advocates (Solis, 2010)? The answer is both companies. Each brand is reaching high to integrate real-time media marketing with social strategies. Continue reading

Blog & Tweet for Global Non-Profits


world social networkNon-profit organizations require a strong collaboration among their followers and volunteers. Communication is the cornerstone of how successful the organizational networks will reach their members all over the world. When traveling with your global teams what social media networking tools would provide a far-reaching platform to express your organizational content? Many of the newer strategies utilize mobile technology that is convenient as you can tweet from your smartphone or tablet devices. What are the best practices for developing an  informative online community forum? I want to explore three main areas that offer great success : Blogging, Tweeting and RSS feeds.
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Social Media Networks for Business




Forming a nonprofit social media campaign may seem daunting at first but by leveraging a synergistic social media plan your organization will produce a winning outcome. I know from my day to day experience that managing a nonprofit organization is very diligent work but rewarding. My blog series will begin with aligning a social media campaign that fits your organizational goals and objectives. The strength of any great organization is the talent and hard work of  people dedicated and driven to work the daily programs for awareness and their gravity. Continue reading