Future Implications



By Paula M Burke

Social media marketing continues to design great social channels to gain competitive brand equity in the social landscape. Trends indicate that companies will take a holistic approach to marketing by leveraging their relationships with consumers in real-time forums and live streaming videos. The methods to harness progressive social media will be centered around customer engagement (CE) through active listening and interaction. Branding will offer more integrative customer experiences. As many companies have acquired great profitability from highly engaged social media strategies, the consumer demands an active presence in the social ecosystem.

The key element to this success is found in the gravity of customer communication as a  play maker to the brand. Customers desire to be part of the company culture and adopt a brand pride for a specific product or service. The future advances await social networks as new technology through app development in mobile spaces become more seamless. The goals are to cultivate dynamic content for the greatest customer experience. Corporate branding that embraces technology and (CE) will gain high value proposition and competitive return on investment (ROI).

Brand-Building-In-A-Hi-Tech-World.jpgFuture implications project that real-time communication with brands on their social channels will continue to be a valuable commodity for brand equity. A recent brand study was conducted to measure performance from social media engagement and influence on Facebook brand pages. Data was compiled to evaluate the role of consumer gratification with over 400 people participating in a printed survey format (De Vries & Carlson, 2014). The findings show that consumers that have positive brand relationships engage in word of mouth (WOM) referrals staying enthusiastic to the brand. Brand pages that utilize quality content in a 2-way communication model with real-time dialogue retain customers for long-term product loyalty.

240_F_87303365_vNIOUTOmoewDe7Fzijj91pJi5QyoTuAF.jpgKeeping customers on a loyal track comes back to basics; customers wants, needs and preferences. The company branding programs must have synergy to the customer goals through progressive relevant content. The direction for branding in the future will continue to place its value on how consumers will embrace awareness of the product or service gaining brand power (Keller, 2013, p. 43).

Digital assets  will unify the brand by building an authentic content archetype in the form of live video streaming through storytelling expressing the voice of the customer (Daye, 2014). Customers are looking for ways to build trust and have control of the brand decision making. With the help of new innovations in technology products will enter the market in intelligent platforms through voice recognition and live video for customer personalization.

How can companies meet these goals today and in the future? The best way for companies to harness this effort is to create a social advocacy program among their employees inside the organization. Content shared by employees amplifies the brand encouraging customer participation. Messaging will continue to direct customers to the brand and this will have far reaching benefits to companies that embrace the conversations (Holmes, 2015).


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Viral Marketing Tactics


By Paula M Burke

For companies looking to energize their brand awareness a holistic and refreshing approach to simple and unique content plays out in viral video marketing. Viral marketing is the rapid sharing of an idea that contains a marketing message about buying a product or service (Yeoman, 2014).

Let us take a look back on Super Bowl Sunday just three weeks ago. Many of us between making great wings and dips to game watching caught some of the most eclectic cast of characters. Some of these funny ads include the puppy monkeybaby, mini hulk vs. ant-man, love of a truck and then a whole host of celebrity sightings. Viral marketing  generates a mental buzz that spreads to many viewers to reach back to the video for entertainment and product appeal. It is playful and organic in its content keeping viewers engaged and sharing in the hashtag connections. The marketing initiatives offer a cheeky humor that does not always promote the product exclusively but the story tells the tale.
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Social Media Networks for Business




Forming a nonprofit social media campaign may seem daunting at first but by leveraging a synergistic social media plan your organization will produce a winning outcome. I know from my day to day experience that managing a nonprofit organization is very diligent work but rewarding. My blog series will begin with aligning a social media campaign that fits your organizational goals and objectives. The strength of any great organization is the talent and hard work of  people dedicated and driven to work the daily programs for awareness and their gravity. Continue reading

Social Media Trends

Social Media


As a Director of a Private Foundation, I understand how quickly time moves forward each week to meet goals for planning events and social media campaigns. As our organization is impacted by the graduation calendar, our year begins its busiest season starting in June. We are a private organization that assists students participating in summer internships and discovery educational programs on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. We have a procedure twice a year that evaluates all our social media trends for our organization. We first review our applications i.e. Blog, Web presence, Mobile Applications and SEO analytics. What can our organization do better and how do we transition these platforms for more visibility? My recommendation is to always evaluate the target audience, organizational priorities and budget. We thought it necessary to deploy some outside research to help boost our philanthropy. Continue reading